Meet Our Educators


Dubbed the Duchess of Hot Sex, Debbie is a fun and knowledgeable Certified Master Sexpert/Certified Sexual Health Resource with 10+ years of experience.  She is the head of the Fairvilla University program and is in charge of educating all our stores’ staff on health, wellness, pleasure & products and teaching some of our most popular classes offered by Fairvilla University. She focuses on providing inclusive, sex & body-positive education and helping everyone become their most authentic sexual selves without shame or judgment. 





Starting within the Fairvilla stores in 2015, Amber has worked through almost every position offered at Fairvilla, from Sales Associate to Management to finally working at Fairvilla's corporate office, these experiences have only added to their wealth of knowledge. Combing these experiences with being a Certified Sex Educator through E.D.S.E., Amber has become a fun and knowledgeable addition to the F.U. Team. 


John C. Luna


After a professional life as an entrepreneur, John now focuses on helping people become comfortable and confident with their sexual identity, sexual attractions, and non-traditional lifestyles. He brings 20 years of teaching, lecturing and instructional design experience along with his years in the swinger, fetish, and BDSM communities. John provides his expertise to organizations, individuals, couples, and the media to provide a nonjudgmental comprehensive perspective on sex, kink and nontraditional relationships. 

Angelique Luna


Angelique Luna is certified as kink aware and conscious erotic touch professional. She has over 20+ years experiences in the kink community and spiritual practices. Angelique coaches and educates on various dynamics within the kink community and different metaphysical practices to provide coaching services and enhance relationships.

About Us:

Fairvilla University strives to provide a judgment-free learning experience where every student has the opportunity to learn about sexual health and wellness. Think of Fairvilla University as an FU to traditional sex ed. We want our students to have fun and leave our classes with knowledge they can use in everyday life.


At Fairvilla University we strive to provide high quality. Judgement-free learning experience where every student has the opportunity to expand their knowledge of pleasure, sexual health and wellness. 


To provide a judgment-free, inclusive, and sex-positive experience, where we educate, engage and entertain while empowering people to live safe and healthy sex lives. 

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